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Booking For your Summer Season

As tempting as it is to fill the calendar, I'm telling you - leave a few key dates open until at least mid-June. If for some reason it remains open, you have that time with your family or the ability to do something else that weekend.

Every year, it never fails. A bigger, better show is offered late and is better than the ones you typically play on your circuit. Summer breeds spontaneous party planning, whether an affluent rocker at his house, corporate outdoor events, whatever. The gods of rock will provide.

This is especially hard to do for the OCP types who just love seeing a filled calendar and settled plans. It is safer, I'll give you that but for those with a sense for adventure and patience, it usually works out great. Just one weekend night or a full weekend in July and Aug is all I'm saying.

"The early bird gets the worm...but the second mouse gets the cheese." - Steven Wright

Take a chance...wait for will come.

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