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Living on a Bad Name


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Top talent buyers have decided: Living On A Bad Name is The  Bon Jovi tribute band you will want to book first. This act is based in the United States, out of Boston, MA. The only Bon Jovi tribute band ever chosen to replace the real Bon Jovi in concert. With over 500 live performances in the United States and throughout the Caribbean, Living On A Bad Name can play any size music venue, festival, or private event.

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LIVING ON A BAD NAME is a peerless, blow your (big) hair back, Bon Jovi concert performance. A breathtaking impersonation of one of the most successful rock acts in history, this high energy band was hand-picked to perform in place of the real BON JOVI at the 2013 Great NY State Fair, following a national search by their management and talent buyers. 

“The show was fantastic and a true stage production. It left some audience members wondering if they were the real Bon Jovi. Crowd pleaser and fair-tastic! - Jason Ryan - Special Act Production Director”

If you are not already currently working with one of our national talent managers, please feel free to contact us directly for booking inquiries.

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